Winners Snub Champagne Lifestyle For 2 Goats & 6 Acres

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Rachel and Tony Bryan just didn’t want the fast cars, designer clothes and luxury home.

So instead of blowing their £2.6million prize on the usual trappings of wealth, Rachel and Tony chose the self-sufficiency dream instead.

Now they are the happy owners of 6 rolling acres of land, complete with 2 goats and 200 chickens.

While other winners are busy jetting around the world, they’re up early every day feeding the animals and tending to the peppers, potatoes, chillies, onions and melons in their giant greenhouse. More likely to be spotted in wellies than Jimmy Choos, Rachel, 40, explains: “I suppose we’re very modern winners.


Rachel just couldn’t imagine blowing £500 on a designer handbag – it just wouldn’t go with the wellies she wears most of the time.

The couple weren’t even regular players of the UK Lotto, but just bought a Wednesday ticket on a whim.

So how will you spend your lottery winnings – on a Ferrari, or a nice pair of Hunters?

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