Winning Ticket Recovered From Trash Bin

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Sometimes even our inattention cannot stop blessings from coming our way.  That is what a single mother from Galway found out as she cashed in a €258,528 lottery win from Euromillions.

Just how much luck or divine intervention was involved?  Well for starters, the woman claims she never used to play the Euromillions, so she cannot explain what made her buy the ticket.  Since she was not used to having a Euromillions ticket, she promptly forgot about it and the ticket somehow ended in the bottom of a trash bin.

Then just before the garbage would have been collected, she saw picture of the shop in the newspaper, along with an article about how a winning ticket had been sold there weeks ago.

The frantic search that followed finally turned up the slightly soiled ticket.  The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrapped it up and made her claim at the lottery offices.


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