Woman Retires After Winning $20.9M Lotto Jackpot

August 4th, 2016   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

An Edmonton woman, who immigrated from Poland in 1981 has just struck it rich – very rich.

Bogumila Mroczkowski won  a jackpot prize of $20.9million from a Lotto 6/49 draw in April.  The winner shares than they checked the ticket multiple times because she and her husband found it hard to believe their good fortune.  But now that they have made their claim, she is thinking of vacationing somewhere and using the bulk of the money to help out family.  And she has resigned from her job at a food services company.

Read more in http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/edmonton-woman-claims-20-9-million-lottery-prize-1.3002875

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