Woman Snags A Million From The Lottery

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An Edmond woman named Lisa Nguyen recently won a $1 million prize from the Oklahoma Lottery.  The prize for Lisa’s ticket matching 5 balls drawn on the Megamillions draw on Friday night was only $250,000, but since she invested a dollar more to avail of the megaplier option, her prize was quadrupled to an even million dollars.

When she went to the Oklahoma Lottery offices, she received a check for $710,000, net of taxes.  She has become the 34th person to win at least a million dollars from the Oklahoma Lottery.  Lisa says she plans to save the money to fund her children’s education.

The lottery has contributed in excess of $558 million towards education, since it started operations in 2005.

Read more in http://www.newson6.com/story/23567980/edmond-woman-claims-1m-lottery-prize

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