Young Builder Wins £300000 Lottery Scratchcard Top Prize

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A visit to a National Lottery GameStore proved lucky for an Ayrshire construction worker. David Abercrombie won a £300,000 prize on a Lucky Lines scratch card.

The lucky man is a regular lottery player and usually buys a scratchcard every Friday. This particular Friday, he bought the ticket from Shop Smart, in Dumbarton Road, Glasgow on the way to work as usual, but the results were very much different. When he scratched the card at the work site, he was floored by the results – he had won the top prize. A workmate refused to believe him until he saw the card.

It was too early to call the lottery offices at 7:30 am, so it was an agonizing hour and a half before he could confirm his win. He dutifully signed the back of the card and kept the card on his shirt pocket. He was so conscious of the ticket he dd not get much work done the rest of the day.

He and his wife want to buy a bigger house so their children can have their own rooms. Other than that they also want to buy a car and set aside a portion for the future of the children.


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