$16.6 Million Lotto Winner Hung Up On Lottery Officials!

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People react differently to lottery wins. In this video you can almost imagine the surprise of lottery officials when the man they called about a $16.6 million prize hung up on them.

The man from Manly happened to be one of three people to share a $50 million Oz Lottery jackpot. He had used a combination based on family birthdays and bought his entry from a cafe in Fairlight. But oddly enough, when the lottery officials called to inform him, the winner thought it was a bit strange so he slammed the phone down. It was only after he checked his ticket against the results when he decided to make the call. And to think the man was thinking how great it would be to win the same morning!

The two other winners were from Brisbane and Perth.

Read more at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4708892/Lotto-winner-hangs-officials-called-tell-him.html

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