$189 Million Winner Comes Forward

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A man has come forward to claim Maryland’s $189 million Mega Millions jackpot.  The man from Anne Arundel County had bought his winning ticket from Dash In, located at 7845 Quarterfield Road in Severn.  He has chosen to remain anonymous.

The man narrated how he had hidden the ticket inside an unplugged lamp for a week before taking the trip to claim his jackpot.  The lucky man then chose to receive a single payment of $86 million after taxes.

The winner further states that he had dreamt of his relatives saying the winning numbers before he bought the ticket.  He combined those numbers with a few birth dates and a prayer.  Now he feels incredibly blessed – the win is second highest in Maryland history.

There will also be $100,000 in blessings for the store who sold the ticket, and more than$11.3 million in tax revenue  for the state of Maryland.

Read more in http://www.wbal.com/article/103301/2/template-story/MD-Mega-Millions-Lottery-Winner-No-Longer-A-Mystery

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