2009 Lottery Winners Donate Toys To Hospice

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2009 Lotto Winners Donate To Hospice

It’s always good to hear of lottery winners spreading the blessings. Emma Dunkley and her husband Karl joined the list of lucky people spreading cheer. The couple had won a £6.5m Euromillions jackpot way back in November 2009. They must have managed their finances very well because 8 years on they are donating to charity.

After other winners in the UK funded the transformation of a wood cabin into a gingerbread playhouse at the Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice, the lucky couple thought it was their turn,  so they bought a lot of toys for distribution to the young patients. Now children there not only have a playhouse, they also have lots of toys to play with.

Emma Dunkley says that the work at the hospice is important to the community. She added that since they rely on charity for funding she and her husband felt the need to provide support.

Read more in http://www.itv.com/news/granada/2017-03-16/euromillions-winners-donate-toys-to-liverpool-baby-hospice/

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