$218 Million Lotto Winner Not Giving Money Away

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hoaxThere are a lot of scam artists out there and the latest scam involves unlawfully using the name of a lotto winner who pocketed a $218 million jackpot in 2012.

A fake Instagram account was set up using the name of lotto winner Merle Butler.  A message from the fake account said she will mail $1000 checks to the first fifty who register as followers of the account.  In a testament to just how many gullible people there are, the fake Instagram account soon had 112,000 followers.  A more recent message asked people to donate $0.99 for postage.

Ms. Butler denied she is giving away her money, and authorities have been asked to investigate.

Read more in http://www.tmz.com/2014/04/07/merle-butler-lottery-instagram-giveaway-scam-hoax/

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