25 New Millionaires On Christmas Eve

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It’s almost time for the 2nd key date in the EuroMillions Christmas promotion.

[Note: You need to be playing with tickets bought in the UK. If you’re not, but want in – hold on, and I’ll explain how below]

This promotion is guaranteeing there will be 50 new millionaires by the time Christmas rolls around. (It’s actually between 25th November and 23rd December but the best is yet to come).

All 50 millionaires will be generated by the Millionaires Raffle – which is the UK add-on game for EuroMillions. That is, you buy a EuroMillions ticket in the UK, you automatically get entered. More on that at the official UK site.

Anyway. The important bit.

Normally there is 1 guaranteed millionaire per draw. But on Friday 23rd December there will be 25.

That’s important. Because that’s 25 times the chance of you being one of them! At zero extra cost.

Do not undervalue this little Christmas gift.

If you normally buy one ticket per draw, save some up, and put them all in 23rd. Or buy double the tickets. Or join a EuroMillions syndicate. Whatever.

NOTE: If you want to play Millionaires Raffle and you are outside the UK, you can simply play in a syndicate that buys tickets there (such as Big Fat Lottos). Simple as that. Geography is not an excuse to miss this draw.

Whatever approach suits you best. But please don’t treat this draw as a normal day – because that would be a big old waste of Santa’s little lottery gift.

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