$250000 Lotto Prize To Fund Non-Profit Substance Abuse Center

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Why do some people win? In the case of 22 year Army veteran Terry McClelland, maybe because his heart is in the right place.

When he stopped by the Speedway on Turnersburg Highway to take a chance of a $250,000 Diamond Dazzler Scratch Off game, he had no idea he would bag the top prize. But when he did, he said the prize will be used to fulfill his wife’s lifelong dream. And his wife’s dream is to run a non-profit to help people dealing with substance abuse. She says that’s why she trained to be a psychologist. With such lofty goals, is it a wonder Someone up there let them win?

All McClelland’s wife can think of now is finishing her doctorate in psychology and using the money and her training to help people.

For a ticket that costs just $5, that is a huge return on investment as they took home  $173,754 net of taxes. Three of five top prizes of $250,00 have been won, which leaves two jackpots still in play.

Read more in http://www.statesville.com/news/statesville-couple-to-fulfill-dream-with-lottery-prize/article_aaa24c80-d5db-11e7-9951-5fc913bb051d.html

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