$259 Million Winner Gives To Second Harvest

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Winning a big lottery jackpot can be liberating in many ways.  Big winners are automatically freed from financial worries.  Some free themselves from the stress of a nine to five employment and resign their jobs upon winning.  A choice few, many of them winners of extra large jackpots, find themselves free to engage in charitable giving which they could not have done without their windfall.

One such winner is Roy Cockrum, a man who recently won a $259 million jackpot from the Tennessee Lottery.  He immediately stated he did not really need the money and pledged to give it all away.  It seems like Cockrum is fulfilling his pledge and enjoying every minute of it.  The latest recipients of his generosity are Knox County’s Teacher Supply Depot which provides school supplies to teachers, and Second Harvest which feeds poor people.

Since there remains more than $200 million to give away, we are almost sure to hear more of Cockburn’s charity.

Read more in http://www.wbir.com/story/news/local/2014/08/12/tn-lottery-winner-donates-50k-to-second-harvest/13952701/

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