2nd Grader Donates $100 Win To Thanksgiving Food Drive

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Some people aim for worldly riches in the form of lotto wins while others are more concerned about doing good to store spiritual riches.  The truly blessed ones get to have both!

While Audrey Brown was out grocery shopping with her daughter Phoebe, she stepped over a lottery ticket on the ground.  Phoebe picked it up, and declared the ticket was a winner.  Upon further checking by the mother, it was confirmed that the ticket was indeed a $100 winner.

When asked about what she wanted to do with the money, Phoebe immediately said she would like buy food to donate to their school’s Thanksgiving Mission.  Happily surprised father, Joshua promised to match whatever she spent for the drive.

Phoebe’s class ended up winning the food drive, which meant that they can shave their teacher Mr. Horeman’s beard!  The little lady’s parents are rightly proud of their very generous daughter, who has admitted that toys crossed her mind before she decided to give it all away!

Read more in http://www.kshb.com/news/region-missouri/independence/metro-2nd-grader-finds-winning-lottery-ticket-donates-all-to-thanksgiving-food-drive

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