$3.3M Lottery Winner Still Farms Chickens

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Life has never been easy for Jeff LaBar who had spent many years on the wrong side of the tracks, and even spent a few years in jail.  But his life turned for the better when he became a born again Christian, got married and started a chicken farm that he had always wanted.  Still money was always tight and he had come very close to losing his house.

Jeff still operates his chicken farm, works at a lime plant at night then takes a nap, only to start the cycle the next day – but he does not really have to.  Jeff won a $3.3 million lottery jackpot in the May 21 drawing and took the lump sum option of $2.1 million; taxes cut into his winnings reducing it to just over a million dollars.

Still the only extra expenses the couple have made are for a vacation to Florida to visit relatives and a golf cart to help haul eggs to the house.  Jeff appreciates the financial security but is too scared to change his way of life.

He says the win is an answer to many years of prayers.  All he wants is to farm chickens and live simply.

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