$32 Million Jackpot Pits Brother Against Sister

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There are many stories about lottery wins improving the lives of lucky players, then there are some stories where money from the lottery breaks up priceless family relationships.  This is what happened to Samir Haddad who split a $32 million jackpot with his barber in 2008.  He is now being sued by his sister who claims she has a right to 1/3 of the jackpot.

Leila Nahas claims she contributed $1 to purchase the $3 ticket and verbally agreed with her brother to share any winnings.  She even wrote down the numbers on a slip of paper she kept in her wallet.  Sometime after the win, the slip of paper fell out and she realized it was the number she contributed a dollar to.

Samir, for his part, says Leila is not entitled to any money since they never had any agreement.  Leila claims her brother admitted the ticket that won is the one she contributed a dollar to, but will not share the jackpot because he had bought thousands of tickets over many years before he won.  Samir denies it.

It is a very sad day when money severs tight blood ties, and arguments have to go as low as “they never had an agreement”.

Read more in http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2458337/Lottery-winner-sued-sister-claims-gave-1-tickets.html

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