$40M Winner Busy Giving It All Away

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A few months ago, Tom Crist from Calgary won a $40 million lottery jackpot and promptly declared that he wishes to give away his winnings.  People were surprised but some were skeptical.  They had no reason to, because Tom has been busy giving his money away.

It has not always been easy, as the weight of all the emails Tom has received has caused him great distress.  It reminded him of previous sufferings, so he stopped reading them.  He enjoyed relieving people of their financial problems.

One of his first donations involve $12 million to the Tom Baker Cancer Center where his wife received treated prior to her demise.  He has set up a charitable foundation and then invested some of its money into Kidoodle TV.  It is like a is like a Netflix for kids that does not have adult content or advertisements.  He is hoping income from the venture will flow back to his foundation to make it last longer.

Tom is not done yet, not while part of his winnings remain.

Read more in http://globalnews.ca/news/1241928/40-million-lottery-winner-makes-good-on-charitable-promise/

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