£53 Million Lottery Winner Continues Volunteer Work

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A lottery win does not always mean early retirement.  For those lucky people who win significant amounts in the lottery, the only thing certain is that they have the resources to do whatever it is they want.  For £53 million lottery winner Angela Maxwell that means continuing her volunteer work for OAP’s at the community center.

It was while she was doing volunteer work at the center when she first learned of her massive lotto win.  Even then she said she plans to continue working there.  Many admired the way she generously gives of her time when she could be enjoying life with her millions, but she says seeing the old people makes her happy.  She and her husband even plans to gift the center with a new minivan.

Read more in http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/shes-53million-lottery-win-gran-5482080

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