6/49 Lottery Winner Wants To Travel

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Pierrette Lévesque has been buying only two to four lottery tickets per month.  Yet that is enough, apparently, to make her the latest multi-millionaire when one of her tickets won $20,113,060.60 from the 6/49 game of the Canadian Lottery.

Now the poor little newly rich lady, is overwhelmed by the big sum of money that has come her way and is quite nervous.  She has, however, already told her sister-in-law, and has retained the services of financial advisers.

Pierrette, who is widowed, now plans to visit Paris, and a few other countries in Europe, flying first class this time.  She has very modest plans with the money and has not really decided on what to use the bulk of it for.  She will stop buying lottery tickets now, to leave it (the prize) for someone else.

Read more in http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/ottawa/Rockland+woman+wins++20+million+Lotto+6/49/9224366/story.html

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