$7 Million Instant Ticket Aids Recovery From Surgery

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Joseph Amorese’s Dad had a sent him a get-well card with a “$7,000,000 Golden Ticket” instant lottery ticket tucked inside.  If his Dad meant to lift Amorese’s spirits, he succeeded.

When the Congers native scratched the card while recuperating from a surgery, he discovered he had won the top prize of $7 million.  His condition prevented him from jumping up and down, so he just informed his wife by phone.  His wife was too stunned to speak for some time.

He later received a ceremonial check at the Just A Dollar store at 20 North Main St. where the winning ticket was purchased.

Read more in http://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/rockland/2015/03/24/lottery-winner-claims-new-city-ticket/70390528/

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