916 EuroMillions Tickets Sold Per Second

July 8th, 2011   ·   Read Comment...

EuroMillions ticket sales are set to explode today as the jackpot has now reached it’s capped maximum level of €185 Million.

Ticket sales have already been fairly frantic as the jackpot rolled over again and again. Before surging as it reached €100 Million, and once more as it broke €150 Million.

A spokesman for EuroMillions urged players to buy their tickets early, as last minute demand is expected to be huge. EuroMillions are expecting ticket sales to reach an incredible 3.3 million per hour.

It’s a figure to make the mind boggle. But that’s roughly 916 tickets being sold per second.

And it’s not just the crazy jackpot attracting so many players.

Players are starting to realise that jackpot cap roll down rule is now in place until the jackpot is won. Which means all funds above €185 Million that would have increased the jackpot, are now shared by the next prize level instead.

That could make even a 2nd prize worth over a million – to everyone that matches 5 main numbers and just one lucky star ball. And odds of that are 18 times better than hitting the jackpot.

The roll down could create more instant millionaires than any EuroMillions draw in history.

So make sure you beat the lottery terminal frenzy. If you want to play online, go here for the best EuroMillions syndicates, or read our guide on how to buy EuroMillions tickets online. Maybe we can make it 917 tickets per second.

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  • Lottery Blog

    EuroMillions rolled over again..!

    But did you see what happened to the 2nd prizes? Typically a Match 5 + 1 would win £200,000 or so. But as I predicted, due to the roll down they actually received £1,104,750.43.

    So the big jackpot is still there to be won, and the roll down effect will boost those 2nd prizes again for the next Tuesday EuroMillions draw.

    Will it be won this time..?

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