Giant Swiss Roll Hits Liverpool

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A gigantic 48 inch swiss roll hit the centre of Liverpool on Thursday.

The bizarre promotional stunt was to celebrate the EuroMillions lottery reaching a £90 Million rollover jackpot.

As well as free cake, people in the city centre were treated to free EuroMillions tickets too. But none of them managed to grab a slice of the bigger pie, as nobody matched all the numbers and so the jackpot rolled over again on Friday.

Since June 2009, Brits have won the EuroMillions jackpot a staggering 14 times.

Some of the lucky winners during this spree include Nigel Page who won £56 million in February 2010, Les Scadding who won £45 million in November 2009 and of course the UK’s biggest ever lottery win, the anonymous £113m ticket-holder in October last year.


The estimated jackpot for this Friday’s EuroMillions is now £117 Million.

If a single ticket holder claims the jackpot, they will instantly be richer than both George Michael and Steven Gerrard put together.

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