Wife Waits 5 Weeks To Tell Oil Rigger Husband They Won The Lottery

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Angela Sutherland from Wick, Caithness discovered their £282,940.50 win on the EuroMillions lottery, and waited an agonising 5 weeks before coming forward to claim the money.

Husband John was away working on an oil rig, and Angela wanted John to be with her so they could collect the big win together.

The National Lottery had even put out an appeal to the public for players to double check their tickets, and make sure the prize money was claimed. But secretly mother of three Angela knew exactly who the missing winner was.

John had actually left for his job as an offshore mechanic on a oil and gas platform with Schlumberger on the very day they won – 7th June

The moment John was back on shore, Angela phone him to tell him the good news. She said those 5 weeks were the longest 5 weeks of her entire life.

I kept the ticket locked away in a safe but kept going back to check the number to make sure it was real. I told close friends and family but it was only when John arrived back on shore it sunk in. We were thrilled.

The Sutherland’s now plan to pay off their mortgage, and enjoy a nice luxurious holiday in Florida. They also plan to buy a new car – a purple mini they say.

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