92-Year Old Wins $25000 A Year For Life, Chooses Lump Sum Payment

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Some lottery winners would rather have a yearly stipend, but not Charles “Chuck” Svatos. At the ripe age of 92, no one is wondering why he chose the lump sum option.

Svatos seems to have taken a cue from uplifting messages from two fortune cookies, one of whom predicted the coming of an unexpected treasure. He plays the lottery every Sunday, but lottery players still consider significant wins as unexpected. In his case it was a $2 Lucky for Life ticket he bought at convenience store Gasby’s which provided the big win. He hit the top prize which is $25,000 a year for life. Since he plays only on Sundays, it took him a week to discover his good fortune.

Svatos was given a single lump sum payment of $390,000 which state and federal taxes reduced to a still hefty sum of $278,000. His daughter took him to claim his prize.

The second fortune cookie predicted he would soon ride in an airplane. While Svatos does not believe in fortune cookies, he say the second prediction will also come to pass as he is determined to visit Hawaii and Switzerland.

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