Amy Rhoades Is New York’s 100th Millionaire For 2013

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A 50-year old nurse has just become the New York State’s 100th lottery millionaire for 2013.  Amy Rhoades won a million dollar second prize from the Powerball lottery.

While on her way home from work, she decided to have her lottery ticket checked at a store.  Since the ticket was a bust, she then used the remaining $3 in her pocket to buy one Powerball ticket for the Aug 24 draw, and a Megamillions ticket for a future drawing.

On an impulse, she had her ticket checked at the same store while on her way to work early morning of the next day.  She was surprised when the clerk said she may have won a million dollars, but unbelieving and being concerned about being late for work, she put the ticket back in her purse and reported for duty.

Only later that evening, aftershe verified her win online, did she finally get convinced of her good fortune.  She says part of the money will go into paying bills, and helping her children pay off loans.


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