Analytical Engineer Wins $27 Million Jackpot

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Kendall Warren, 61, just became the latest big Mega Millions winner, after matching all 6 numbers in Friday’s draw.

He actually didn’t realise he had won until Monday – the $27 Million dollar ticket just sat in his wallet all weekend.

It was whilst listening to the radio on Monday that he discovered the winning ticket was bought at the ‘Circle K’ in Portage St, Kalamazoo. Which is where he bought his tickets.

So it was a very tense moment as he checked off his numbers, and slowly realised they all matched:

My legs just turned to water and I hit the desk.

An official press conference will be arranged for next week, where Warren will appear in person to collect the winnings of $27 Million.

Warren only buys Mega Millions tickets occasionally, maybe once per month, buying just 5 tickets. And only ever uses quick picks to select his numbers.

He currently plans to continue working at the job he enjoys as an Analytical Engineer with Parker Hannifin, and has yet to decide if to take the money as a lump sum payment.

Friday’s winning Mega Millions numbers were 3, 33, 39, 47, 53 with a Powerball number of 9.

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