Auckland Man Bags $33 Million Powerball Jackpot

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A man from Auckland managed to snag the biggest Powerball Jackpot ever won from the New Zealand Lottery, worth all of $33 million.  The man who says he is a Westie, has chosen to remain anonymous.

The man is typical of most lottery players, buying tickets in the hopes of winning yet not really believing he would one day bag a big jackpot.  He had bought a few tickets previously and later heard news from his car radio that a $33 million prize won by a ticket sold where he bought one of his tickets remains unclaimed.

The man still proceeded to his destination, the gym, before checking his tickets.  His first ticket only won $33, but the second one won a million times more than the first.  The draw that gave him the win was very appropriately called “Must Be Won” draw.  He credits part of the good luck to his wife’s lucky number 4, which he put in as the powerball.

Now the man who had never bought a new car before can afford to buy a new one.  With his windfall he wants to help friends and family.


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