Best Ever Lottery Draw – The Olympic EuroMillions?

July 19th, 2012   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

Olympic Fever is well underway now, and EuroMillions are enjoying the build up too – they’re celebrating in the UK too with a ‘100 Guaranteed Millionaires’ draw next week.

So it was interesting to see this AOL Money article where the author discusses why this could be the best lottery draw in the world, ever!

Obviously if there are 100 extra prizes of £1 Million up for grabs, that makes for a heck of a lot better chance of you winning one. Although it does of course depend on how many tickets are sold (these bonus prizes are for the UK’s EuroMillions Raffle game).

I think there’s a chance we could see record ticket sales in the UK next week – particularly if the current big rollover jackpot also remains unclaimed until then.

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