Bettors Play For $400 Million Powerball Jackpot

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In Saturday’s Powerball draw, no ticket sold in the 43 states were able to match the numbers 1-17-25-37-44 and the Powerball, 20.  Interestingly there were also no Match 5 Power Play winners in the same draw.  The jackpot at stake in that draw was $317 million.

This means that people looking to grab a piece of a huge jackpot just got handed a second chance to do so.  Not that it improves the odds, but a least the jackpot estimate has been boosted to $400 million, enough to yield a single payment option of $223.6 million.

People keep playing the lottery despite the odds because nobody can dispute the fact that somebody’s got to win the jackpot sometime.  And all players have as much a chance as anybody else to become the next big winner!

I’m off to the ticket office.  In a few days, we’ll see how much of a return I get on a $2 bet.  I am hoping it will be $400 million!


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