Big Lotto Max Winner Retired At 35

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Regular lotto player and auto industry worker Nicholas (Nick) A. Takticos of Hamilton had no idea that the Lotto Max tickets he bought at Royal Variety and Video on Whitney Avenue in Hamilton for the August 30, 2013 draw would change his life.  But a few days after winning a $30 million jackpot, Nick is retired at the age of just 35.

He had to check quite a few times before finally believing that his ticket had made him a millionaire many times over.  But as soon as he did, he called his mother over to share the good news.  A few days later, he shared the story of his win with former co-workers.

Just as he was in no hurry to claim the prize, Nick is also in no hurry to decide what he will do with the huge sum he considers a “family blessing.”  With $30 million in the bank, he can afford to take the time to plan this very carefully.


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