Welsh Cabby Risks Tip On The Lottery – Wins £1 Million

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Adam Derbi works as a cab driver in Cardiff, Wales.

Last Friday a generous customer tipped him an extra £6. So as the EuroMillions was still at it’s crazy rollover jackpot, Adam decided to buy 3 lottery tickets with the money.

He wasn’t entirely over the moon when he checked his numbers to find he had won £5.80, but it was pretty much his money back to try again.

But the UK has a second chance draw in the shape of the Millionaires Raffle.

So Adam checked his raffle number carefully, to find it matched exactly the winning number of XCG785254. He couldn’t stop shaking as he realised he had just won a guaranteed and tax free £1 Million prize.

Adam currently drives at least 5 days a week in a 6 seat taxi for Capital Cabs.

You don’t get many tips these days he explained, as things have been pretty tight for everyone in the UK recently. So he was already grateful for the generous £6 tip.

Now he’s a millionaire because of that customer, he can’t thank them enough.

He plans to move from his rented house, together with his wife and their 5 children, to a nice property in the city. But they will be banking as much money as possible to give a good start and a secure future for their children.

He hasn’t decided yet if it’s the end of taxi driving for him, after all, you never know how big the next tip might be.

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