California Lottery Offers Dinner At The French Laundry

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For just this month the California Lottery has a promotion in which a lucky buyer of an Emerald 10’s scratcher ticket is entered into a draw to win the ultimate foodie experience.  A lucky player and his or her companion will be treated to a dinner for two at The French Laundry inYountville.  The $2,500 package also includes a two-night stay at the Napa Valley Lodge and a BMW car service between the resort and the restaurant.

To enter the draw, contestants need to submit their photo while holding an Emerald 10’s ticket and write a short description about whom they want to share their meal with and why.  The winner will be chosen by Lottery staff.

Lottery officials siad they thought of the promotion because they wanted to focus on California-specific prizes; it may also be because man does not live on bread alone – something a fine dining experience is sure to emphasize.


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