Can The USA Now Buy Lottery Tickets Online..?

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The USA must have the craziest and most restrictive lottery laws around.

Other countries have been allowing players to buy lottery tickets online for many years. Other countries allow their residents to play in whatever lottery games around the world that they like.

But the USA severely clamped down on it’s citizens freedoms a few years ago. It appears to have been triggered by fears of too much gambling cash going overseas – the vast majority of which was actually casino money and not lottery cash at all.

So US lottery players found themselves with credit cards that often refused to work if they dared to try and buy a lottery ticket online in another country. Some found ways around it, others just gave up.

And today, you still can’t buy a lottery ticket online in the USA in virtually every State. Even if you live in that State.

Which for the most consumer orientated and technology rich nation in the world is a pretty absurd state of affairs.

But Times Are Changing (Slowly)

Revealed on Friday was the Justice Departments decision (<- warning: dull legal speak pdf) to reverse it’s rigid anti-online gambling stance.

It has decided that selling lottery tickets online to adults within your own State is actually OK.

That will pretty much allow the USA to catch up to the rest of the world – well, to about the mid 1990’s anyway.

But will it see restrictions being lifted on play in out of State lottery games? Or for States that do not yet have their own lottery?

Or even restrictions on play in overseas lottery games?

What do you think of the US lottery laws? Have they restricted your freedoms, or do you think relaxing the laws will result in a rise in gambling problems? Let us know below.

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