Woman Sold Wrong Lottery Ticket Wins $25 Million

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It could easily have gone the wrong way and ended up being one of those crazy US court cases where everybody sues anybody.

Instead Kathy Scruggs, 44, walked away $25 Million richer.

Kathy, who lives in Georgia, went to buy a ticket for Mega Millions. She asked for a Mega Millions quick pick, but the store clerk accidentally sold her a ticket for Powerball instead.

But not easily disappointed, Kathy took the ticket and asked for another one for Mega Millions too.

And lo and behold it was the Powerball quick pick that she didn’t even intend to buy that turned out to be the jackpot winner. Kathy just collected her prize from the Georgia Lottery HQ in Atlanta this Monday.

Kathy woke the whole household with her screams of delight when she checked her numbers the day after the draw.

We were screaming and hollering, and everybody came running. I could not believe it.

The win came at just the right time for Katy too. Having finished up her seasonal job she had been struggling to find more work. Now she’s $25 Million better off, and won’t need to worry about working ever again.

Her first plans are for helping out her family with new homes, plus a new car and getting to travel.

But she also wants to show her gratitude for her fantastic good fortune by starting foundations for the homeless, and the needy who are unable to afford dental treatment.

Kathy matched all 6 main numbers and the Powerball in the 14th September 2011 draw. The winning numbers were 16, 41, 42, 50 and 59, with a Powerball of 5.  Her winning ticket was bought at the Shell Food Mart in Memorial Drive, Decatur.

If you want a better chance of joining Kathy in the jackpot hall of fame, join a Powerball and MegaMillions syndicate – it’s a quick and easy way to get 20 times the chance of winning in both games.

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