Canadian Lottery Winner Used To Mock Dad For Buying Tickets

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Ngawang Nardechen is not convinced that money spent for lottery tickets is money well spent.  In fact he has often told his father to imagine how much money he would have, if he had saved money instead of using it to make lottery bets.  But his father’s reply is always the same, “You can never win if you don’t play”.

It is not clear what made Ngawang ask his father to purchase a $5 lottery ticket, maybe just to humor him.  What is crystal clear is that Ngawang did not expect anything life-changing to come off his whim.  But that is exactly what happened when his ticket won a $19,733,070.80 6/49 lottery jackpot shared with jut one other winner.

The windfall has turned Ngawang into a believer, and a very lucky one at that.  He is still not sure how he will spend his money though.


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