Carpenter Posts $2.5 Million Lottery Win

April 16th, 2017   ·   Read Comment...

Union Carpenter Wins Big Lotto Jackpot

Carpenters can be very patient. Joseph Suszko patiently played the same number combination, which is taken from birthdays of  family members. His patience and loyalty were rewarded with a win – a Pick 6 jackpot of  $2.5 million!

The union carpenter found out he had won while he was sitting in his truck. When he saw all six numbers had matched he had to check twice just to be sure he had not made an error. There is no information on whether he discovered he was a winner last year and waited 5 months to claim his prize or if he just found out.

Either way he receives  pretax amount of $2,500,768. He bought the lucky Pick 6 ticket from the Discount Liquors on West Grand Avenue in Rahway.



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