Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

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st patricks beerIt’s that time of year again when the barman insists on drawing little shamrocks in the head of your pint, the Guinness eventually runs dry and everybody suddenly decides they look good wearing green…

Yes, it’s St Patrick’s Day again this Sunday.

And to celebrate I’m going to be drinking a few pints of the old black stuff, which I highly recommend giving a try for those of you that wouldn’t normally opt for beer.

Some find it an acquired taste, but it’s worth persevering 🙂

You might also like to play the  national game as well – as this weekends Irish Lotto jackpot is a guaranteed €2 Million. You can find the Irish syndicates here, and may be interested to find that BFL have just launched a new Irish group to celebrate the emeraldness of the weekend.

It’s a popular game, particularly as the jackpot odds are only around 1-in8 million, far better than most lottery games.

Happy St Patrick’s Day 🙂

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