Chefs Almost Delete Mail Informing Of Lotto Win

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The good thing about playing the lottery online is that you don’t even have to check the results. The lottery informs you of any win, including the really big ones through email. Just don’t delete it.

Married chefs William Mullarkey and his wife Catherinette bought a ticket which won a hefty prize from the Euromillions draw. But William admits that he almost deleted the email from the National Lottery informing him of the win, thinking it was just junk mail. Good thing his granddaughter convinced him to open it. That’s when they found out they had won the Millionaire Maker draw and the £1 million that came with it. All those zeroes confused them at first but then screamed and danced for joy after realizing they were millionaires.

The couple now wants to clear all debt, help an ill nephew, and purchase a second home in St. Lucia.


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