Cisneros Mega Millions Winners Give Back To Kids

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Jacki and Gilbert Cisneros already made a bunch of charity donations and set up a scholarship fund at the University of Southern California.

But the generous lottery winning couple are back in the news again, with another million dollar donation.

Pico Rivera in California is part of the Cisneros roots and also the place where they bought that lucky $266 Million dollar winning ticket.

It’s also a good honest working-class Latino neighbourhood that is going to greatly appreciate the seven figure donation to it’s Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

The lottery winning couple wanted kids from El Rancho High School – the town’s only high school – to have the financial help to achieve their college dreams. The school achieves a better than 90 percent graduation rate, but many of the kids just don’t have the money to take their education any further.

Gilbert remembers how things were when he was a kid:

There was no college fund. I kind of knew that I was pretty much going to have to do it on my own. Luckily for me I was able to receive a scholarship that enabled me to go on to college.Now that we have the means to do some good, we kind of want to give other students that same opportunity.

They plan to award 50 scholarships over the next 5 years, whilst also making contributions to some outreach programs that work towards encouraging post-secondary learning.

Whilst the High School population is mostly Hispanic, the scholarship fund is of course open to all students.

It doesn’t require money to give something back to your community, but when you win big on the lottery it has to be one of the most satisfying and rewarding ways to put some of those winnings to use. Particularly when you involve yourself in those projects beyond blindly donating. Good on you Cisneros.

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