Mega Millions Winners Share The Wealth

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Last May Jackie Wells Cisneros and her husband won $266 million on the Mega Millions lottery.

That was the 8th largest in the history of the game.

So what have they been doing with the cash?

Well, apart from the charity donations and their church, they just donated $1 million to set up a scholarship fund at the University of Southern California.

“It’s not about, ‘Hey, here’s some money,'” said Wells Cisneros in a USC release. “We’ve been in the situations these students will be in and want to be here for them. We can share our experiences, knowledge, and hopefully help them make good life decisions.”

The money was donated as a way to help students grow and develop, says Cisneros who held two jobs while she was a full-time student at USC.

“I’m excited to watch him or her grow and develop,” said Cisneros. “Being able to fund scholarships like these really make us feel like we’re making a difference.”


One of the joys of being a lottery winner is the big difference you can make to the lives of many other people, just by giving a chunk of the winnings away.

Have you planned your donation list yet?

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