Dane Beats Deadline To Bag Lottery Jackpot

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A story of lottery luck in Denmark illustrates just how blessings find their way to their intended recipient.  A Danish man won the lottery after just beating the deadline for submitting his entry ticket – he purchased and registered his lucky lottery entry just 81 seconds before the deadline!  Ronny Andersen became 3.2 million kroner ($521,000) richer, after going to the supermarket for food, giving in to an urge to buy a lottery ticket, and barely beating a 6pm deadline.

Luck must be compensating for a string of difficulties Andersen has suffered in connection with a calf cancer diagnosis seven years ago.  But the young man plans to be very prudent with his new riches.  He has not even considered leaving his job.  All he is thinking of is to get a driver’s license, a new stove, and perhaps go on a trip to the Mediterranean.

Read more in http://www.thelocal.no/20140709/last-minute-lottery-winner-scoops-three-million-kroner

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