David Winstead Wins $10 Million Lotto Prize

October 5th, 2016   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

To boost his chances of winning, David Winstead plays the lottery two tickets at a time no more and no less.  He just got his wish.

He had bought two Ultimate Millions game at the VRAG on North Louisburg Road and immediately found the top prize of $10 million in the first one.  He then made another wise decision by consulting with financial experts before deciding to claim the prize in a single payment of $4,155,009 net of all taxes.

He and his wife plan to pay off bills, set up college funds for grandchildren, and give to their church.

Read more in http://www.witn.com/content/news/-Nash-County-man-wins-10-million-prize-in-NC-Lottery-395193151.html

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