Deadline Approaches For Lanarkshire Millionaires Raffle Winner

February 24th, 2011   ·   Read Comment...

Another unclaimed lottery win is about to go to charity.

The £1 Million prize was won on EuroMillion Millionares Raffle on 8th October 2010. The ticket was bought in South Lanarkshire.

The potential millionaire has until 6th April to find their winning ticket and claim the prize.

The UK National Lottery are attempting to track down the winner. And indeed, the former Miss Scotland, Lois Weatherup  joined in the hunt yesterday in East Kilbride Shopping Centre. Lois carried a giant copy of the winning ticket number PXV227093 to encourage people to check those tickets.

Best Lottery Tip In The World?

It does seem to be one of the best, and most understated, lottery tips in the world… check your tickets!

It is amazing how many big prizes go unclaimed simply because people forget to check to see if their tickets have won.

Do you have any old lottery tickets still lying around?

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  • Lottery Blog

    I hear local model Claire Nimmo was at Saturday’s Motherwell game with the giant winning EuroMillions ticket too.

    Still no word on that winner yet though.

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