Dick Zelasko Wins Huge $80 Million Jackpot

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One of the most oft repeated statements from lottery winners is, “I can’t believe this would happen to me,” or variants of the same.  This suggests that most people only half-believe the lottery tickets they buy will actually win.  Dick Zelasko of Troy must  be one of those people;  he only discovered he is $80 million richer a month after the draw.

An initial check at a scanner brought up a message to contact the lottery office in Lansing.  Because he had never won more than $20 before, the significance of the message was lost on Zelasko, who stuck the ticket in his wallet.  To make his story more interesting, in the month before he learned the value of the ticket in his wallet, he had gone on vacation and taken a few golf trips.  Incredibly, the ticket did not get lost or stolen.

Now Zelasko is looking to buy a new home and car.  He adds that he also wants to “just take care of family and enjoy the peace of mind.”  I’m a bit doubtful about the peace of mind bit, especially in the short term.  Big winners usually attract a lot of unwanted attention from people who want a share, I just hope they learn to cope well.

Read more in http://www.livingstondaily.com/article/20130908/NEWS01/309080018/Troy-man-claims-80M-lottery-jackpot

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