Did A Dog Just Win The Lottery?

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A Florida man had made it a yearly practice to buy three lottery tickets at Christmas which he places on family members’ stockings; he apparently considers his dog part of the family because it had one of three stockings he filled.  Bill Kelly’s pet is one lucky dog, because the $600,000,000 Gold Rush Scratch-Off game ticket in its stocking won $3 million.

Kelly says he had made it his yearly tradition to gift relatives with tickets, but the amount of the win surprised him.  He later collected a one-time payment of $2,351,433.02.  He had bought the tickets earlier at the Publix on Silver Star Road in Ocoee.

But if the ticket was given to the dog as a ‘gift’ , did the dog, and not Kelly,  just win a lottery prize?  Is it even legal for a pooch to claim a lottery prize?

Read more in http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/lottery-ticket-ocoee-dogs-christmas-stocking-wins-/njp9D/

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