Do Quick Picks Win More Often..?

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Actually the full question was:-

Do more people win with a single quick pick, than those who buy multiple random tickets?

But I’ll answer both.

The honest answer is, the lottery companies don’t release that kind of information.

So I’ll give you the answer based on logic and common sense: It’s very unlikely.

People do of course win with Quick Picks.

(Yes, some junk lottery system sellers will tell you winning with Quick Picks is impossible – but then if they told you that a Quick Pick was just as likely to win, that would mean their system was pointless and you wouldn’t buy it…)

And people do win with single tickets where they pick their own numbers.

But buying more tickets increases your chances of winning. So it does of course follow that more winners are the people who buy multiple tickets per game. That’s why syndicates win so often.

But as I mentioned above, Quick Picks have the same chance of winning as any other selection.

So the only reason they would win more is if more people buy Quick Picks for that game than selecting their own numbers.

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