Do Quick Picks Win The Lottery?

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They sure do. And a lot more often than the sellers of those dodgy lottery systems would like you to believe!

Here’s just the latest of many.

In Delmar, Delaware, The Express Food Mart sold a $2 quick pick ticket for the 12th February Powerball draw. The local man who bought that ticket won $1 Million:-

The lucky ticketholder, a local shopper whom the store would not identify, purchased a Powerball lottery ticket for $1, and for an additional $1, bought a Power Play, or bonus number, on the same ticket. But rather than pick his own numbers, the winner opted for a quick pick, or random numbers selected by the lottery machine.

The winner actually won the second-place prize of $200,000 for having five winning numbers. Winning the Power Play portion of the game allowed the ticketholder to multiply the prize amount by five, Brahmbhatt said.

“He won $200,000 and multiplied it by five, so he won a million dollars,” he said.


There are lots of stories of lottery winners using quick picks. There are also lots of stories of winners picking their own numbers.

That’s because some people pick their own, and some buy quick picks.

But there is nothing wrong with a quick pick ticket. It has exactly the same chance of winning as a ticket picked using any other method.

And yes, you can win by buying just a single ticket. More tickets obviously give you a better chance – but one ticket is a lot better chance than none.

How many entries do you play each week?

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