Doña Manolita Keeps El Gordo Lottery Players Coming Back

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El Gordo is famous for having the biggest prize fund of all lotteries in the whole world – a total of  2.31 billion euros ($2.4 billion) this year!  And, because of its prize structure, El Gordo produces hundreds of millionaires each draw.  It has been drawn once a year, at Christmas time, for more than two centuries.

As with other lotteries, there are those who believe that some outlets are more lucky than others.  For the Spanish El Gordo lottery, no store has produced more winners than Doña Manolita.  People flock the store in droves and endure long lines just to be able to purchase their entries from this famous store; sometimes it takes hours to make a purchase!  Ticket sales start months ahead of the draw and are available at lottery shops, online and at outlets in restaurants, malls and other business establishments.

This year’s draw will be held on Dec. 22 at Madrid’s Teatro Real, where the results will be sung by high school students from Segovia.  The whole draw will be televised live.


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