“El Niño” Spreads Christmas Cheer In Spain

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In Spain, the 6th of January not only marks the Feast of the Three Kings and the end of the official Christmas season, it is also the day the ‘El Niño’ lottery is drawn.  The yearly draw that distributes millions of dollars in total prizes to all areas of Spain saw a ticket sold in Galicia winning the first prize this year.

The first prize is worth $2.7 million and is a ten-part series with each tenth netting $270,000.  The second prize of about $1 million ($100,000 for each tenth), and the second prize of about $340,000 ($34,000 for each tenth), were sold in different areas of the country.

The first drawing of the El Niño lottery was in 06 January 1941, and its success led to its being made a yearly event that officially closes the Christmas draws.

Read more in http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/agencia-efe/140106/el-nino-lottery-pours-millions-peoples-pockets-across-spain

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