EuroMillions Tweaks Rules For The Better

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It’s been a very low key change to the EuroMillions rules, but it’s actually quite an important one.

And it makes the game better in my opinion.

Previously EuroMillions ‘hobbled’ the roll down rule (May 2011) by freezing the jackpot and only rolling down the extra funds to the next prize tier.

Well, it looks like that wasn’t working too well as that rule has now been revoked. Now we’re back to a full roll down rule, where the whole jackpot will roll down to the next tier if it’s not won on the very next draw after reaching it’s capped amount.

Read more details about the roll down rule change here.

This is good for 2 reasons.

It means we should generally see the prize money spread over more big winners, and it can mean a much better chance of you being one of them.

Whilst it certainly won’t mean the end of sole winners collecting absurdly large jackpots, it will mean there’s a greater chance of those capped jackpots being paid across 10-20 winners instead.

Which at the current capped jackpot rate of €190 Million that’s certainly no bad thing!

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