EuroMillions Winners The Bayford’s Unveiled

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The news is full of the latest big EuroMillions winners from the UK.

Whilst they had the option of remaining anonymous, Adrian and Gillian Bayford have chosen to come forward. The couple from Haverhill in Suffolk were presented at a press conference held at a Hertfordshire hotel, Down Hall County House, yesterday.

Gillian works at Addenbrookes Hospital as a kids healthcare assistant, while Adrian runs a music shop. Middle aged parents of two young children times have been fairly tough for the Bayford’s recently – but no tougher than for similar families Adrian was quick to add.

But now they are extremely wealthy, with a grand total of £148,665,000 to add to their bank accounts. And all it took was 5 entries, for a total cost of £10.

They plan to share the money around, starting with family and friends, and childrens charities in particular.

Whilst Gillian plans to leave her job, Richard intends to keep the music shop running. A sign on the door said it was closed on Tuesday but would re-open again on Wednesday. We suspect it could be one of Richard’s busiest days ever.

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